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KFC (short for Kentucky Fried Chicken) is an American fast food restaurant chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, that specializes in fried chicken. It is the world's second-largest restaurant chain (as measured by sales) after McDonald's, with 22,621 locations globally in 150 countries as of December 2019. The chain is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, a restaurant company that also owns the Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and WingStreet chains.

One angry customer wrote this about KFC on consumeraffair: Had a hankering, (is that even a word?) For KFC's two can fine for $10.99. Went in, stood in line, ordered, went to pay and the girl looked at me like I had three eyes. She stated, as a matter of factly, "we don't take cash, only preorders is charge card". I mean if they had advertised it at the entrance I would have not even bothered going in. What a waste of time. I emailed head office but that fell on deaf ears. My no more KFC for me. I'll take my hankerings elsewhere.


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Current Employee - Graduate Trainee says

"salary is low, no career path and there isnt ot allowance"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The other employees, some managers"

Current Employee - Team Memebr says

"Low pay and shift runners can be mean"

Former Employee - Shift Supervisor says

"too many franchaises too high staff turnover not everyone folloows correct helath and safety with food"

Former Employee - Team Member says

"Poor wages Incompetent management Always pushing to work overtime Collegues are unwilling to help"

Current Employee - Team Member says

"bad management and bad managers who can't speak English"

Former Employee - Kfc Team Member says

"Bad management, always out of something, something always broken"

Former Employee - Cashier says

"Rude Staff & Inconsiderate manager"

Former Employee - Kfc Team Member says

"literally everything, dirt, smell, customers"

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"low pay bad management and definitley worst place to work..."

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Used and abused by other colleagues, team leader asking me to hand in my notice. No job security, poor management, no training given on tills, scared to come into work place as I feared being sacked. Manager never listened and told I was below standard. Did not feel wanted their by others. Felt ill every day and the stress made my asthma worse everyday. I could not do another shift as I felt intimadated by others. Got to workAlways had 4 hour shifts"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"bad management and poor training. very poorly run and the management was lazy never helping you out. Coworkers were rude and the food was gross. Wouldn’t eat there after working there."

Team Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Long hours, little benefits, negative work environment. Dysfunctional management, no real leadership, and no team work. Extremely negative overall work environment. Occasionally get free food.No breaks, long hours, no benefits, and dysfunctional management."

KFC Team Member (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for awhile. Messy crew and management. A lot of hidden agendas. But I mean the staff changes every few months anyways so it was nice in a way!"

Cleaner and kitchen assistant (Former Employee) says

"I work for KFC restaurant for almost two years. As part time floor duty, you assign other task send delivery or picking stock from various branches. Salary are less than 1000 dollars a month. You have to do kitchen job besides collecting tray and throwing rubbish. You need to be able to perform a lot task order by manger. I have no choice due to survive the living.Some managers are understandable and willing to help.A lot of task and job requirements and salary are very low as. 6.50 dollars an hour 9"

Kitchen Staff (Former Employee) says

"It was like having your brain scooped out of your head. I hated being a robot for this company that seems to pay you so little for doing such a terrible jobNoneEverything"

Restaurant Manager (Former Employee) says

"the higher management setting the tone for the stores...specifically SOUL restaurants...are all out to use and abuse their management and team members. Constantly setting up their teams to fail, offer no support, and violate local and provincial labor laws without any regard. If you get a call from them. Run. Run for your life. No job is worth the stress.NoneEverything"

Allround medewerkster (Former Employee) says

""we bieden je genoeg uren" je krijgt er 8... Pas als je weg wilt gaan ineens 34 uur... Managers praten achter je rug om slecht over je... Genoeg slechte dingen te vertellen... Korting op etenLange dagen, slechte managers"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Awful place to work. Management do not help you yet when you have an interview or store transfer they promise training but you will not receive it. Area managers undermine and make you feel worthlessNoneEverything"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"they pay you wrong there is no respect there is free lunchtoo many long hoursexpect you to do so much for the worst pay which is never paid correctly free foodlong hours but paid wrong"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"bad management and very unorganized but they was pretty good with flexible hrs to help out as much as they could and the pay was denct chose favorites treated some better then others free lunchespicked favorites"

Restaurant general manager (Former Employee) says

"I will never work for Ampex brands again and I would not recommend anybody to work for Ampex brands KFC. Especially African-Americans. Ampex brands will use you to their advantage, not caring at all about your well-being. Ampex brands does not follow Yum corporation standards. As long as you do what Ampex brand says and keep your mouth shut you get to keep your job.You get a check every two weeksNo overtime allowed"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"First and foremost the wage structure is a joke. Staff that work in the cooking area are paid exactly the same as front of house. Even though the cooking jobs is much harder and more demanding than any other station. Having to cook then put into defrost the products for the following day. And also having to clean all fryers at the end of shift. Free lunchUnfair work schedules"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"The general manager was highly rude. I do not recommend working there or eating there. Along with her rushing because of her speed. if they make speed they get bonus.Free LunchRude general manager and bad cooks"

Cashier/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"No teamwork, hours were not reasonable at the time, I was a minor, and they didn’t care about me being a minor. Manager and boss at the time were rudeN/aHad to pay for lunch"

Staff (Former Employee) says

"This will be short ! This company has no values for human rights ! It is the worse job I have ever had , you are over worked and under payed . Modern day slavery would sum up the job and the company. NothingTreated like a slave"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"If you want to seek your soul to the kernel and get graped 24/7 this is the place for you pay sucks customers suck management is incompetent and I hate chicken now.NonJust about everything"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I worked at a KFC in brantford. It was run by a katty manager who liked to chose favourites. I had to quit because of some family issues and needed to provide full time care to a family member. When i told the General Manager, he told me that that was not a justified reason to quit my job there. Horrible experience overall, would not recommend."

Fry Cook/Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"It was one of the worst experiences i had working in my life !! Managers yelling at you! Working 7.5 to 8 hrs no breaks at all ! You have to clean in a certain order or they will get mad 😠 !! Trouble with the finger scanner to clock in !! Getting all that chicken ready before the store opens !!! It is one of the most stressful most disrespectful unfriendly and ridiculous atmospheres i have ever been in !!NoneEverything"

Food Service Worker (Former Employee) says

"store was so badly in need of repairs, the celing was leaking onto electrical equipment cause it rained and i was the key holder (with no pay raise) and i didnt feel safe to open the store and got in trouble so i quit that day. things may have changed but they sniffed the meat if it was expired to see if it was still good, served gross dried out food, and things were constantly malfunctioning and they were too cheap to fix it, was told to do training at home without pay, would not recommend.free foodno breaks."

LAURA says

"KFC in EVERY location in UTAH SUCKS ASS. we have visited a NUMER of locations and every time it is a shit show. The most recent visit was American Fork UT, where we ordered quite a bit of food, got unbreaded chicken (original crust that we requested), and did not receive the Large mashed potatoes and gravy that we ordered as expected but paid for it anyway... (ahead of time until we got home until we realized) ~ NEVER going back again! CHICK FILL A LA HAS EARNED our business."

. says

"I called there recently and the manager picked up. They were extremely rude and condescending while speaking to me, I felt like they were specifically going out of their way to be condescending. Do not go here."

mike says

" had not had kfc bone in chicken wings in a year or so, now they are processed and not breaded in store, they suck and not ever going back to a kfc, manager refused to refund my money after I went back and demanded a refund "

Steve says

"Big mouth workers...cold food missing food...and no receipt....shocking..."

manjeet kumar says

"We went to kfc Ti Rakau Drive Huntington Park we order burger we take to the car it was not hot then I take back to the store they gave me the same burger not even microwave it It’s really sad to have that experience and spend the money and not having the food you have to got from the store"

Susan whitehead says

"Dryest chicken I ever had perrysburg store had to throw it out east of money $9 for nothing.will not eat again!!"

raimis525 says

"How you can feel when you getting your food way much after time and frozen?it is the worst service in my life..."

Elizabeth Lilly Mac says

"Medford Oregon, One KFC. regular customer for over 15 years. Missing food 99.9 % of the time. Check your order before you leave."

Andrea says

"Not a good experience. The product is not that good anymore and very pricey! With our last order on 1/10/21, the chicken was dry. We got a 16-piece bucket with sides, and it only had two small legs in it. We were expecting at least 4 legs. Instead, we got extra wings. I asked for corn on the cobb as one of the sides, and instead got a container with dried-up corn! Quality has severely deteriorated! Very disappointed. This is the location on 128th in Everett, WA."

Carolyn Dixon says

"This was my last visit to the KFC on Riverdale Road 38125. My last straw. I bought a 3 piece crispy meal. 2 legs and a thigh. Only one leg was edible when I got home. The biscuit appeared half done wasn’t brown. The sides Mac n cheese and green beans were okay. So I was able to eat my sides and 1 leg. I have gotten a meal here many times and maybe 25% satisfied, I am done here."

Louise Moore says

"I ordered online and went to pick up my order they would not answer the door. I had to wait In the drive thru with 15 cars in front of me to pick up my order. What good is ordering online if you still have wait to pick up."

Murphy says

"I'll write this review here hoping corporate KFC will be advised. Just ordered new chicken sandwich and had to throw out. Most disgusting sandwich ever. The bun was cold, the chicken was pink and wet, I don't think it was real chicken and no pickle. This is not the first time I have gotten subpar food from Keswick location. I might as well just throw my $$ in the garbage along with the food."

Tony Robinson says

"I'm not happy with the way clients are treated at that station. Every time i'm in London I like to eat at KFC(sort of a tradition) but this time we did not even get a smile from the staff and the food was old and filled with oil. U suck"

Leona Engleson says

"I ordered through the drive up a 3 pc dark meal. I live 10 miles away. When I got home I realized that the order was not correct. I called them and decided to go back to the establishment to get the correct order. Per the on site manager the lady working the window got my order mixed up. I received some type of bowl with mashed potatoes and nuggets mixed together. I drove back and got the correct order. The lady didn't say a word which was very rude after all it is not my fault they mixed the order up. I didn't even get any type of apology there wasn't even an I'm sorry please come again. She acted like she was upset with me. I generally order every 2 weeks from KFC. No more. I don't appreciate rude behavior."

Bessy Mathole says

"Kfc Botlokwa complex, customer service is so poor.. since November I've bought it more than 4 times and all it does is to take me and my family straight to the toilet!! the Meat these people use smells rotten, please do something about it because i bought it again today hoping it would be better but i am so DISAPPOINTED I ended up feeding it to my neighbours dogs..we cant keep wasting our money like this."

CC says

"I have never seen smaller chicken legs in my life! Are you killing baby chickens. The legs at the St. George Utah KFC are rediculously SMALL. Maybe management should look into it!! I won’t go back again! The “fat” part of the leg is no bigger than the bone at the top! Pathetic!"

Char says

"Whanganui service Is terrible, the place is dirty and the size of the chicken wings disappointing."

Jordan Stickings says

"I'm not normally one to write reviews but I am VERY disappointed in Papamoa KFC. We ordered 3 snack boxes, 2x popcorn chicken and 1 wicked wings snack box. My fiancee had a decent amount of chips in her wicked wings pack but my daughter and myself got half the amount of chips and a pathetic amount of popcorn chicken, 7 pieces in one box. A year ago that number was in the teens. VERY DISAPPOINTED. Will never go there again. The customer service was great but 1 star for the food is honestly being generous"

Malak ASMR says

"I ordered at 7:30 today, it’s 9:40pm as I type this, I just received a phone call from the delivery guy that there was an issue cuz there was a lot of orders and so they couldn’t deliver mine since there’s curfew at 10. And I just have to say how utterly disappointed I am with KFC, this is just rude and effed up, you know there’s a curfew, and I called early in order to prevent this issue, and yet you guys still accepted all those thousand orders and weren’t able to deliver them. The least you could’ve done was to call early and cancel so that I’d have made another order from a different restaurant. I swear to god I had a shhhhhhhhhhhiiiiyyyyy day and this was the cherry on top. This was an extremely disappointing experience with KFC. I couldn’t yell or be mad at the delivery guy cuz it can’t be his fault, but the people in corporate... you’re completely responsible for this. I hate you so much i hope you have very horrible not day, but year."

Owen Mead says

"The chicken is soggy and the mashed potatoes are soggy and mushy. The person at the front also scammed we into paying for more when I didn’t want to. I was really looking forward to my experience and turned out to be a shame."

James Wright says

"i love the chicken here"

Paranoid says

"Even with masks, they won’t let customers order food. They’ve lost my business!"

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